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Premium, top-of-the-heap adversarial testing services for any threat model. Go beyond superficial box-checking and the senseless automation that can leave you feeling….insecure.

Get expert-led, goal-based penetration testing services that help keep you one step ahead of the bad guys. All the good stuff, with zero fluff, tailored to the TTPs used by real-world threat actors.

We help you get clear results, find your flaws, and test your security stack.

Strategic Defense Corporation

Web Application Assessment

Application Security Testing. Guided by OWASP, layered with manual testing, designed to find gremlins.

Network Testing

External testing of your Internet-facing perimeter, or Internal testing to simulate an insider threat or rogue employee. Blend both, or add on Phishing for a well-rounded engagement.

Laptop Security Testing

Think full-disk encryption is going to save you? Think again! This often underrepresented attack vector can yield huge gains for attackers. From tricky hardware attacks to next-level network abuse;...

Cyber Consulting

We’ve got decades of experience hacking, breaching, and red-teaming organizations across the planet, and we’re willing to share notes.


Think hidden SSID’s and WPA2-Enterprise are going to save you? Our expert wireless testers can crash your party from the far corner of your parking lot.

Ransomware Drill

The thought of ransomware keeping you up at night? Get down to facts with our Ransomware Drill - designed to test how well your network (and people) would hold up to a real-world ransomware attack.

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Exercise is the best medicine, just like your doctor said.
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We hire, train and develop the best adversarial testers on the planet.
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Just Like the Bad Guys

We get hands-on, because thats what you're up against.