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We’ve got decades of experience hacking, breaching, and red-teaming organizations across the planet, and we’re willing to share notes.

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Strategic Defense Cyber Consulting


In today’s fast-paced threat landscape, staying ahead means thinking like an adversary. Our Cyber Consulting service leverages decades of offensive security experience running world-class Red Team engagements, to bring you the unique insight you need to out-fox today’s attackers. This unique perspective enables your organization to mitigate risks before they happen, secure infrastructure effectively, and ensure business resilience against cyber threats.


  • Expert Consultation: Direct access to a group of cybersecurity veterans specializing in red teaming, penetration testing, and ethical hacking. These experts bring a deep understanding of attacker tactics, providing strategic advice that enhances your defensive posture.

  • Offensive Testing Services: The building block of our company, our comprehensive assessments simulate real-world attacks to identify weaknesses. We can help provide detailed guidance on how to best consume penetration testing data (ours, or not), engage your organization, and ensure those critical issues are fixed.

  • Security Architecture Review: A thorough review of your security infrastructure and controls, with industry-backed recommendations. Let us spot your flaws before they make it off the Visio diagram.

  • Customized Security Training & Workshops: Gear up your staff with the skills to recognize and counter cyber threats through in-depth training sessions, emphasizing the application of an adversarial mindset. This approach encourages strategic thinking, enabling your team to anticipate potential threats.

  • Applying the Adversarial Mindset to Cyber Decisions: Learn to think like an attacker to make smarter, more resilient cyber decisions. Empower your team to anticipate threats and strategically position your defenses, embedding security considerations into every aspect of your business.

  • Adversarial Program Consulting: Trying to build out an internal AppSec team or Red Team of your own? We can share hiring and training best practices, methodology, and tooling to get your new team staffed up and off the ground.


  • Enhanced Security Posture: Adopting an attacker’s viewpoint allows for a more robust defense mechanism, significantly reducing your organization’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

  • Actionable Intelligence from Assessments: Transform complex penetration testing and vulnerability assessment reports into clear, actionable strategies for security enhancement.

  • Strategic Defensive Planning: With insights into adversarial tactics, your cybersecurity planning becomes proactive rather than reactive, offering a significant strategic advantage.

  • Customized, Impactful Training: Staff training that fosters an adversarial mindset, equipping your team with the foresight to recognize and mitigate potential threats before they escalate.

Our team’s deep-rooted experience in offensive security provides a unique, attacker-centric viewpoint that helps shift traditional cybersecurity defenses into proactive, intelligent strategies.

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