Sharpen Your Risk Management with Offensive Security Testing

Roses are red, violets are blue, we find the risks, before they find you.


Elevate Your Cyber Risk Assessment with Strategic Defense

The bad guys aren’t slowing down. Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated, and insurance companies face the challenge of accurately assessing the cybersecurity risk of their customers. At Strategic Defense, we specialize in offensive security testing services, including penetration testing, application testing, and a unique ransomware simulation service. Our approach provides a realistic assessment of an organization’s vulnerability to actual cyber-attacks, offering you and your customers invaluable insights into their security posture. Discover how our services can transform your risk assessment and policy offerings:

Real-World Testing for Accurate Risk Assessment

Our team of experts employ the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) to emulate real-world threat actors, offering a genuine test of your customers’ cybersecurity defenses. This approach enables us to:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities: Through network penetration testing, application testing, and more, we uncover hidden weaknesses in your customers’ networks, applications, and systems that could be exploited by attackers. We’ve got decades and decades of honing our craft to zoom in on what matters.

  • Simulate Actual Attack Scenarios: Our ransomware simulation service goes a step further by testing an organization’s ability to detect, evict, and recover from one of today’s most damaging threats—ransomware attacks.

  • Find Actual Risk: Forget the questionnaires, forms, and blindly trusting Visio diagrams. Over thousands of pentests performed by our team, we’ve learned one thing: assumptions always need to be challenged. Does that firewall between the finance department and the OT network really have an ip deny any any ruleset? (hint: probably not)

Benefits to Your Insurance Company

Partnering with Strategic Defense provides your insurance company with a competitive edge, offering a level of risk assessment detail and accuracy that traditional methods cannot match:

  • Enhanced Underwriting: With a deeper understanding of each customer’s cybersecurity posture, you can tailor your policies more precisely, aligning coverage with actual risk and potentially offering more competitive premiums to those with robust defenses.

  • Reduced Claims: By encouraging and even incentivizing your customers to address identified vulnerabilities and improve their cybersecurity practices, you can reduce the likelihood of breaches and the resulting claims.

  • Market Differentiation: Offering policies that consider the results of advanced offensive security testing positions your company as a leader in cyber risk management, attracting businesses that are serious about cybersecurity.

We’ve made careers out of thinking just like the real-world bad guys do. We’ve helped thousands of companies cut through the noise and fix the critical issues that would land them on the front page of Krebs.

Why Strategic Defense?

We are not just another cybersecurity service provider; we are your strategic partner in cyber risk management. Our comprehensive offensive security testing emulates the TTPs of real-world attackers, providing the most accurate assessment of a customer’s risk of breach. With our support, your insurance company can not only better manage cyber risk but also drive the industry forward by promoting a higher standard of cybersecurity preparedness among your customers.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Cyber Risk Assessment?

Drop us a note, and learn how our offensive security testing (including Ransomware Simulation) services can provide your insurance company with unparalleled insights into customer vulnerabilities, enabling better risk management and fostering a safer digital future for all.